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Photos courtesy of: the artist / the artist / Chris Smith

Hello, Lady

@ The Exchange

Friday, June 27 – $10

Once upon a time ago, Hello, Lady was Lea Arngrimson’s solo project. But along the way she wanted to build something more substantial, so she started doing some recruiting. She brought on Dieter Desmet to play guitar, Kyle Westberg to play bass, and Kolby Kostyniuk to bang the drums. That was back in 2012. These days, Hello, Lady has evolved into a seasoned alt-rock/alt-pop act that, upon first hearing them, sound something like if Modest Mouse teamed up with Feist and put out a record. Not exactly, mind you, but close. Hello, Lady has a sound that’s all its own, but that’s the best approximation to make. The revamped quartet will be making an appearance in its hometown of Regina later this week.

Coal Creek Boys

@ Artful Dodger

Saturday, June 28 – Cover TBD

How to classify the music of Coal Creek Boys? Alt country? Americana? Dirty folk rock? Alternative indie outlaw folk? Take your pick, but know this: the Coal Creek Boys put on one heckuva show. With songs that focus on historical events in North America — written mostly by John Smith, who sings lead vocals and guitar — this band has a haunting, rocking, lasting sound. Both Smith and Dino Scavo (the band’s bassist, accordion, and mandolin player) grew up in U.S. coal mining communities and the music they play is a direct result, an infectious extension, of that upbringing. Their sound is dirty and honest and raw. The kind of music that’ll make you want to tap your feet and toss back a few cold ones.

Elliott Brood

@ Regina Folk Festival

Friday, August 8 – $61.96 (Day Pass)

The idea came while Mark Sasso, Casey Laforet and Stephen Pitkin were on tour. Their alt-country band, Elliott Brood, was in Europe; the year was 2007. The three friends and bandmates were driving along a back road in France when they stumbled upon a First World War military cemetery. They saw a host of Canadian names, young men who fought and died in the first great war. Then and there, they knew they had to write a record about what they’d seen. The result was 2011’s Days Into Years. And what a record it was. A time-traveling venture for a bunch of guys who find themselves, more often than not, moving from one city to another, honing their incredible skills. This talented trio will be in the Queen City during the Regina Folk Festival. Visit www.reginafolkfestival.com for more information. V

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